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Vegan Beauty Makeover book review

Vegan-beautyHave questions about vegan beauty? How about how to have great skin and hair on a vegan diet? Well, now those questions and more are answered in the book Vegan Beauty Makeover: 30 Days to Great Skin, Hair, and Body by Reut Barak.

The book is filled with great tips on how to have beautiful skin and hair, and do it in a natural and vegan way. Not only does this book deal with the outer beauty that we see, but it addresses things we don't think of that impact our appearance, such as stress, not getting enough time in nature, detoxing, and more. You'll learn what to shop for, how to add these things to your life, and even get some tasty tips for healthy eating that will give you great skin and hair.

This book offers a vegan recipes, detox guidance, self-esteem exercises, and provides you with a 30-day guide. You can find the book available now on Amazon.


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