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Looking for the best veggie burgers? You are not alone, millions of people are!


When I first went vegetarian in 1997, I didn't know of any veggie burgers. Trust me, I was looking for products like that, but they didn't seem to exist. When they start coming on the market, I was really happy about that. I love veggie burgers. Whether you are going to serve up a veggie burger and fries meal, have a veggie burger and some salad, or you want to have just a veggie burger for a quick lunch, you can't go wrong. 

The good news is that there are plenty of veggie burgers today to choose from. In the last few years there seems to be an explosion of veggie burger options in the stores. It's pretty neat! When it comes to the best veggie burgers, you really have to try a variety yourself, so you can see which ones are your favorite picks. Everyone likes something different, and my top picks may not be your top picks. Having said that, let me share with you my families top picks for veggie burgers (in no particular order).

The Best Veggie Burgers:

  • Homemade veggie burgers. Before store bought veggie burgers became mainstream, I used to make some homemade ones. They are really good, but they are a bit more time consuming. You can make veggie burgers with a base of chickpeas, black beans, quinoa, a mixture of veggies, and more. There are many homemade veggie burger recipes out there, so give a few a try to see if you like them. 
  • Veggie burgers when dining out. It's awesome how many restaurants offer some type of veggie burger today. My favorite place to get a veggie burger is Johnny Rockets. I love their Streamliner (on a white bun) and fries. I also love the veggie burger they have at Kale Cafe in Daytona Beach. Their burger is a house recipe and is great! Another veggie burger I like when dining out is the quinoa burger at BurgerFi. In don't get veggie burgers much when dining out, however, because they are so easy and affordable to make right at home. Once in a while when we are traveling and our options are limited, we will get the veggie burger they have at Burger King.
  • Store bought veggie burgers for home. My favorite veggie burger for home are Gardein's beefless burgers. I love them! I also love the quinoa and sweet potato one by Morningstar Farms (although lately I can't seem to find them, I have a feeling they have been discontinued).  My husband's favorite veggie burgers are the Beyond Burger and Sunshine Burgers.  

We have tried some other veggie burgers we have liked along the way, like the Impossible Burger, some of Amy's veggie burgers, Engine 2 veggie burgers, and others. But the above list are the ones that we buy most often. There are more veggie burgers still left for us to try, because I'm seeing even more of them in stores now. Once I try those, they may be added to my list here!


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