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We have family in town who are visiting from out of state. They wanted to check out The Garlic in New Smyrna Beach. I happen to notice that they have an early bird special, which makes it a little more affordable, so we decided to go during that time and check it out. 

My husband and I both had the pasta pomodoro, minus the parmesan cheese, which is vegan once you skip the cheese. The pasta dish has fresh chopped tomatoes, basil and shallots sautéed with garlic, and fresh herbs and is tossed with linguini. They also serve it up with a house salad with oil and vinegar dressing, and a crusty bread that you dip into a fresh garlic that they smash in front of you.

The pasta is vegan if you tell them no parmesan. The bread is not vegan, it does have eggs and dairy  milk in it. The salad is vegan. 

The pasta was really good. Filled with flavor, lots of chopped tomatoes, garlic, and herbs, and an overall great tasting sauce. We really liked the whole meal. Plus, the atmosphere is great there. It's kind of a mix between sitting indoors and outdoors, and I love all the strings of lights. 

Going during the early bird special time it was $33.99 for the two of us, before tip. The food was great, we loved he atmosphere, and we will be back for special occasions!

Note: They do also have pasta puttanesca on the menu, which appears from the description that it would be vegetarian. However, I checked with the restaurant and they have confirmed that it has anchovies in the sauce, so it is not vegetarian.



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