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We just got back from a week long vacation in the Washington DC area. We spent a week there, visiting over the July 4th week. We even attended the Salute to America event and scored tickets to the VIP area! We had scoped out some places ahead of time so we knew a few places we'd like to eat, and some places we found on the fly. Some of the government buildings have a cafe in them, and they sell a veggie burger. It is not a vegan burger, it is a vegetarian black-bean based burger. I didn't try it, because I'm not a fan of black bean burgers. But it was nice that they offered them for those who are. They also appeared to have salads, a vegan pasta option, and pizza.

To see a write up about all the things we did in Washington DC, including attending the Salute to America, click here.

Here are some of the places we ate vegetarian and vegan in Washington DC and what our experience was like (picture is above restaurant info):


The Pita House - 719 King Street in Alexandria
The Pita House offers Lebanese cuisine, including falafel, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and more. The restaurant is nice, the service was excellent, and the food was great. We all had the falafel sandwich and fries. Two thumbs up! Great falafel wrap. It was perfectly done and we all enjoyed the food. 


Vitality Bowls - 1515 Wilson Blvd in Arlington
It was July, so it was hot, and I had a taste for something cool and refreshing for dinner. So I did a search for acai bowls near me and Vitality Bowls came up. We drove over there and we had an acai bowl, minus the honey, for dinner. It was really good! I got the "vitality bowl," which was a cool, refreshing, and healthy acai bowl, topped with fruit, granola, seeds, and more. It was exactly what I had a taste for and was the perfect meal on that hot day.


Capriotti's Sandwich Shop - 1500 Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn
When we used to live in Las Vegas, we loved going to Capriotti's. But once we moved from there we never get to go. We found one in the state we live in now, Florida, but the didn't carry the vegetarian sandwiches the one's in Las Vegas did. We saw this Capriotti's across the street from Vitality Bowls and we were excited. My husband got a vegetarian cheese steak and he said it was really good. They offer a few types of veggie subs, including the philly, veggie turkey, and more.


Hip City Veg - 712 7th Street NW in Washington DC
This is an all vegan restaurant. We each tried something different, including sandwiches, shakes, and more. The food was great! This little restaurant is crazy busy. They have very few tables, and they pretty much have a line out the door. I talked to one man dining there who said it's been like that every day since they opened a few years ago. Two thumbs up for Hip City Veg, put this place on your list! Treat yourself to one of their delicious shakes with your meal.


Jackey Cafe - 611 H St NW in Washington DC
Located in Chinatown, this Chinese restaurant was recommended to me by a friend. We let the waitress know we wanted everything vegan, which they were fine with. We ordered three dishes and shared them all, general tso's tofu, vegetable fried rice, and lo mein. The food was good, we really liked it. If you are in Chinatown and want to try some good food, drop by this restaurant.


Which Wich - 1803 E Street NW in Washington DC
This is a chain sub shop that offers two vegan subs (black bean patty and an avocado, and one vegetarian sub, the caprese). My husband had the black bean patty, and the kids and I had the avocado sub. The subs are pricey, more expensive than at other sub shops we have been to, but it was really good. We all liked the subs at this place. 


Haute Dogs & Fries - 610 Montgomery Street in Alexandria
This place offers vegan veggie dogs. You can get them a variety of ways, choosing from a variety of unique toppings for them. My husband had a banh mi veggie dog! I had just the regular veggie dog with ketchup, mustard, onion, and relish. The buns are vegan and are unique, like eating a piece of grilled bread. I have to say that this was the best veggie dog I've ever had. Well worth stopping to try one!


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