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Earth's Best meatless chik'n nuggets for kids review - vegetarian plant based


Looking for some really good plant based nuggets or vegetarian chick'n nuggets? Try the Earth's Best meatless chik'n nuggets. They are labeled 100% vegetarian, and plant based. I just so happen to find these vegetarian nuggets while strolling the aisle in Target. They are not in with the other frozen vegetarian and vegan food, but as I was strolling the aisle my eye caught the word "vegetarian" on the package and I was intrigued.

These meatless nuggets are vegan, and made with non-gmo ingredients. Today, I made the package up for everyone to try a couple and see what they think. Everyone loved them. The kids thought they were great, and we adults liked them as well. They have a great taste and texture. Each nugget has three grams of protein. There are around 10 nuggets in a bag for $4.99. 

We'll buy the Earth's Best meatless vegetarian nuggets again for sure. The bag says they are for kids, but they were a hit with everyone in my house. Two thumbs up!

You can read more about Earth's Best meatless vegetarian nuggets here.


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