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If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or into promoting animal rights or environmentalism you may qualify for a grant to support your efforts. There are vegan grants and scholarships available. They help support a variety of efforts, including vegan outreach and education, college tuition, community projects, and more. You can turn your vegan and animal rights passion into a vehicle for change, supported by vegan grants and scholarships.

Here are some vegetarian grants, vegan grants and vegetarian scholarships:

Doris Day Animal Foundation Grants
Want to help animals in your community? The Doris Day Animal Foundation Grant is given out to help do just that. Numerous grants are given out throughout the year, with amounts up to $5,000 each. The grants are given in honor and memory of Doris Day, a legendary actress who was also an animal rights advocate.  To apply, you need to send a letter of introduction about who you are and what you want to accomplish with the grant funds. Types of grants that have been given out fund animal shelters, animal food pantries, animal rescue and rehabilitation, etc. You can get more information about the Doris Day Animal Foundation grant here.

Want to do vegan outreach in your community? You can get financial support to do that through VegFund. They will help pick up the tab to support your grassroots vegan outreach missions. From buying the vegan food and supplying the literature to h and out, to paying for booth and registration fees, they help make it happen. Whether you need $50 for your event or you need $400, apply for a grant with VegFund to see if they will help cover the costs of your vegan activism and outreach. They are easy to work with, help many small groups all around the country, and are a driving force in vegan movement. You can learn more and apply for this vegan grant here.

The Pollination Project Foundation
Want to plant a garden in your community? Plant bee friendly flowers in the city? Whatever type of environmentally friendly project you have in mind, The Pollination Project Foundation may help fund it. They give many grants out each year to change makers and those who want to make their community and the world a better place. Many grants are $1,000 each. But don't let that amount fool you. You can do a lot of good with $1,000! To learn more about The Pollination Project Foundation grants, click here.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship
If you are a vegetarian or vegan student who has done things in your community to raise veg awareness, you may want to apply for the yearly Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship. Each year, they give away $20,000 in college scholarships to students who have promoted vegetarianism. There are two people who are awarded $5,000 each, and one student who is awarded $10,000.  To get more info and apply for the Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship, click here.



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