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While in Publix last week, I spotted these new veggie burgers that were on sale, BOGO. I was excited by them and wanted to try them out. I opted to get a box of the Maika vegan beet burgers and the vegan carrot burgers. I'm a huge beet fan, so I couldn't wait to try these burgers. I also personally prefer a veggie burger that looks like veggies, rather than looking like meat. So with both of those things going for it, I was all in!

Last night, I made the vegan beet burgers for dinner. I cooked them up and served them on a bun with all the vegan fixin's. The burgers are beautiful! I mean, they have to be the most beautiful veggie burger I've ever seen (and having eaten this way since 1995, I've tried many kinds). They come frozen, individually wrapped, and are gorgeous purple color. Loved that!

I really hoped they would have a good beet flavor. However, I was a bit disappointed. They were kind of bland tasting. They just had a slight beet taste, but mostly a bland taste overall. All four of us ate them, with three of us feeling this way.  My daughter loved them and wanted a second one! I guess she got more flavor out if it than we did. I'm not sure I'd buy these again if they are not on a BOGO sale, because they were bland, but I may try them again because I loved the color so much!

I'm looking forward still to trying the vegan carrot burgers next.


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