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Is Florida's Natural vitamin D vegan?

Are Smart Balance buttery spreads vegan?


Are Smart Balance buttery spreads vegan?

If you have went looking for a vegan butter option you may have stumbled across Smart Balance. When you read the label it seems as though it is vegan, although it doesn't say that it is vegan. I wrote the company to inquire about whether or not Smart Balance is vegan and what the source of their D3 is.

Here is their response to the source of Smart Balance D3:

  • Source of vitamin D3 is animal – from sheep - lanolin. Our Vitamin D is not a vegan source.
  • Smart Balance Original Spread - Vitamin D is sourced from animal so it would not be considered ‘vegan'

There you have it, right from the company that makes it. Smart Balance is not vegan. The D3 that is in it is derived from sheep.

If you are looking for a vegan butter, look for Earth Balance and Miyoko's.



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