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Green-room-cafe-cocoa-beachWe've eaten at The Green Room Cafe, located in Cocoa Beach, several times. But it's been a while. They are located an hour away from our house, and it's not in a direction we go to very often. But today, we were down that way for a soccer game, so we decided to stop at The Green Room Cafe on the way home from the game. 

The Green Room Cafe is located just a couple of blocks from the beach, not far from the huge and famous Ron Jon's Surf Shop. It's a cute little cafe that is decorated in a cool, beachy type of decor. While the restaurant isn't all vegetarian, the menu is mostly vegetarian. I only saw dishes on the menu that were not vegetarian, and the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan.

My son ordered the tropical acai bowl, which has acai blueberry, banana, strawberry, raspberry & apple juice. Topped with granola, sliced banana, and coconut (we left the bee pollen out). My husband and I both ordered a different sandwich, and then did a swap with one half, so that we got half of each one. We ordered the Reubio (which is a tofu rueben) and the Reef, which is a veggie sandwich on toasted bread. We had both of them made vegan. I also ordered the unsweet fresh brewed peach tea.

The food was delicious! Everything tasted really good, very fresh, and healthy. I was surprised at how great the acai bowl tasted. We liked everything and ate it all up. The peach tea was so good that I drank three glasses while I was sitting there!

Two thumbs up for this great little cafe that is mostly vegetarian/vegan. The service was good, the food was delicious, and we left feeling good about what we had eaten.

If you will be in the Cocoa Beach area, stop in to The Green Room Cafe!

- Jacqueline



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