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Today I saw something in the store that got me excited. Vegan yogurt tubes! My kids are now approaching ages 13 and 15, but when they were toddlers are begged the Universe to produce these things. I wanted so badly back then to find vegan yogurt tubes! I saw all the non-vegan yogurt tubes and they seemed so convenient for a portable snack for kids. Yet they were not around. Fast forward a decade and bam... they are here!

The vegan yogurt tubes are made by Kite Hill, a company that makes other great vegan products. So I immediately trusted the name. There are two flavors, mixed berry and one that is strawberry banana. I didn't hesitate to buy one of each for the kids to try. They were $4.99 for a box of 8 of them. I brought them home and we immediately tried them. 

The kids liked them both, but liked the mixed berry way better than the strawberry banana. My son thought it wasn't enough yogurt. Well, he's not a toddler anymore. These are perfect for the little ones. Each one has 70 calories and is made with almond milk. I had one and felt the size was good. My husband liked them as well.

Two thumbs up for the Kite Hill vegan yogurt tubes. We all liked them and I'm sure I'll buy them again. They are a convenient item to put in their lunch box, plus you give them a little does of probiotics with each serving. It may have taken a decade to find them once I started wishing for them, but they are here, and I'm happy about it!


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