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I've been a fan of Publix for years. They offer lots of BOGO deals every week, and that's just not something other stores do. Plus, they carry a lot of the products I buy. They are a very vegan friendly store, having lots of vegan cheeses, dressings, butter, deli slices, frozen products, and much more. I have to send out a kudos to Publix for what came in the mail yesterday.

I got a coupon that was sent out to "soccer families" (our son plays travel soccer). The little tri-fold mailer had a coupon, but it also offered nutrition advise for parents who are feeding a soccer player. I was shocked and super happy to see that the whole little brochure was all about plant based proteins! Seriously, that is so wonderful and so rare to see from a mainstream source.

They offered information about diversifying with plant-based proteins, offered tips on what plant based proteins to give your soccer player, and even offered a recipe for a lentil burger.

I was really excited to see them offering this plant based protein information. I immediately showed it to our son, who thought it was pretty cool, too!

Kudos, Publix! Thank you!

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Robin Tierney

That is so cool! And helpful!

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