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I love how there are so many vegan cheeses on the market today! These products didn't exist a couple of decades ago when I stopped buying dairy cheese. Recently, I found another vegan cheese to try, called Violife. We bought the vegan Violife cheese shreds and slices, so that we could try them both.

We ate the slices by themselves to see how they were. They were great! In fact, to me they taste exactly like the Follow Your Heart brand vegan cheese slices. Exactly the same. I love the Follow Your Heart brand slices, so I loved these as well. Today for lunch, I made a quesadilla with the Violife shreds. I tried the shreds on their own, and then in the quesadilla, and they also taste exactly like the Follow Your Heart brand vegan cheese to me. 

My favorite brand of vegan cheese has been Follow Your Heart for quite a while now. I found Violife to taste exactly the same. You could have told me it was the same cheese with a different label and I'd believe it, it's that similar to me. So I give Violife two thumbs up as well. I'm sure I'll buy it again. Considering both brands taste the same to me, I'm likely to be the one that is available or on sale at the time.


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