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Have you heard of Archie Artichoke? Well, if you want a vegan friendly chapter book to read with your child, or to give them to read on their own, you will want to get to know this one. Archie Artichoke is an illustrated chapter book that was written with a vegan friendly message in mind. 

The Archie Artichoke book was written for adults to read along with their 4-9 year old children, or for those readers who are at a third grade reading level. The book, featuring an all star vegetable cast, teaches a variety of lessons to children, including:

  • Making good decisions;

  • Accomplishing a difficult task and solving problems;

  • Working with others to achieve a common goal;

  • Caring, helping others, friendship;

  • and of course, the names of many important vegetables!

Archie Artichoke features vegetable characters that you and your kids will love. You can learn more about this book series and order it here.


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