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Moe's Power Quinoa Bowl review


Full disclosure - I don't like Moe's. I'm sorry to say that, but it's true. However, my son and husband love it. I mean, Moe's is about my son's favorite place to eat. So I have to "take one for the team" here and there and go there to eat. Sometimes the three of them (my daughter, too) eat there and I just go along and sit there and eat when I get home. I dislike their food that much. Don't get me wrong, I love that they have tofu and you can get a vegan burrito, among other options. But.. I just don't like the taste of anything I've had there (trust me, I've tried a lot of options hoping to find something I would like).

Until now...

I saw that Moe's is offering a new Power Quinoa bowl. You can get it made vegan, too! I told my family that I was excited, because there was a new option for me to try at Moe's. I love quinoa, so I was looking forward to trying it. We went there last night for dinner. I tried the Power Quinoa bowl and I actually liked it!

My only disappointment was that the quinoa comes in a pre-made mixture that includes quinoa, sweet potato, and brown rice. I would much, much prefer white rice, but there's no way to swap that out. It's already all mixed together, so I had to go with it. I also added into the bowl: tofu, lettuce, guacamole, onion, salsa, corn salsa, tomatoes, etc. I actually really liked the Power Quinoa bowl. This is really exciting, because now I will be able to get that when I go there with my family. I'm hoping it's not a temporary item they are offering. 

Two thumbs up for the new Power Quinoa bowl at Moe's! 


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