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Benevolent Bacon by Sweet Earth Foods Review


Have you ever tried the Benevolent Bacon by Sweet Earth Foods? We've had it numerous times. You can find it in the freezer section at stores like Target. Just heat it up on a pan and you can easily make a veggie-blt with it. We like it! Does it taste like meat bacon? I'm going to say that it doesn't. I'm just going off memory here, but I have been vegetarian since 1995 and before that I never liked bacon. I was never a bacon eater, because I didn't at all like the taste of it. I like this Benevolent Bacon, so I'm guessing it does not taste like meat bacon. That's a good thing for me. The Benevolent (kind) Bacon is vegan and makes a good sandwich topping.

I used the Benevolent Bacon to make a tasty lunch. Toasted bread topped with vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, and the Benevolent Bacon. Yum!



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