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I wrote a couple of month's ago about how PF Chang's axed their Coconut Curry Tofu dish (my favorite!). The new dish they replaced it with wasn't good enough to keep me going back. But now I can say that my family has put together a combination of plates (that we all share) that make for a good meal. Don't get me wrong, we all really still miss the Coconut Curry Tofu and wish they would bring it back, but we can still dine there and enjoy it.

They have a new dish, vegetable fried rice, which is really good. You have to tell them you want it vegan though, to ensure they don't use egg and they use vegan sauces. So now we order for our family of four:

  • Tofu lettuce wraps
  • Vegan vegetable fried rice
  • Ma Po Tofu
  • Spicy eggplant

Everyone likes this combination of food at PF Chang's. It's good! You can check out the list of vegan options at PF Chang's here

If you dine there, be sure to join their club (it's free). Every time we go, we give them our phone number. We earn points for every purchase, and they add up to earn us a free entree. That's nice!



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