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Vegan donuts in Volusia County? Yes! Donnie's Donuts offers vegan donuts every Friday and Saturday. They have two locations, one in New Smyrna Beach and one in Ormond Beach. You can stop by any Friday and Saturday morning to pick up some vegan donuts. They have 2-3 flavors each day that they offer them. The donuts are $1.99 each, per tax, or you can save a little by buying 6 of them, as they are $10 for six.

Yesterday, we stopped in to try out the vegan donuts at Donnie's Donuts. There were three flavors, and we got some of each so that we could try all of them. There was a sugar donut, maple walnut, and salted caramel. They were all delicious! We all tried all of the vegan donuts and we all thought they were great. Two thumbs way up!

Whether you live in the Daytona Beach area or you will be visiting the area and want to try some vegan treats, stop in at Donnie's Donuts and grab some vegan donuts. They are really good. They were quite honestly the best vegan donuts we have had in the state (and we've had vegan donuts from a few place). They are worth taking the short drive to get them when you can. It would be great if Donnie's Donuts starts offering them every day that they are open, and perhaps they will if enough people continue to purchase them on Friday's and Saturday's. But until that time comes, if it ever does, we are happy they offer them two days per week.

Donnie's Donuts are located at 200 E. Granada in Ormond Beach, and at 1112 Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach. Both the New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach locations offer some outdoor seating.

The Daytona Beach area may not be a vegan mecca, but we now have vegan donuts, and they taste great!




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There is also some outdoor seating in Ormond. They have a few picnic tables out front. We love Donnie’s Donuts!!!


Good to know, thank you!

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