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Biena thin mints chickpea snacks review


I spotted these in Whole Foods Market last week. I was immediately drawn to buying them. Who can resist some vegan chickpea snacks that are Girl Scout thin mints flavor? There's no way I could pass up on these. I almost bought two of them, because they were on sale for $3 per bag. My husband warned against it, saying that it was safer to stick with one bag, since we had never tried them. I'm glad he did!

These look and sound great! But one taste and it fell flat. Ugh. They were, and I hate to say this, horrible. I tried them a few different times, hoping that it was the time of day or something that was influencing the flavor. Each time, I didn't enjoy them, although they were not as horrible as the first time I tasted them. My kids were excited to taste them and they, too, found them awful. My husband wasn't a fan, but is force feeding himself a little each day so the $3 isn't wasted and the food isn't tossed into the trash. Poor guy, he wasn't even the one who wanted them purchased to begin with. And I must say that we like chickpeas and other chickpea snacks like that we have tried before. These don't taste like Girl Scout thin mints, they taste more like an artificially flavored mint gum with hard pieces in it. 

I'm honestly sorry to say these were so bad. It's not often that I try vegan treats like this and not like them, or find them horrible. And I typically don't post much about products I don't like, but I wanted to give a heads up to others. You may want to stick to buying just one bag at first to try them out! They did have other flavors available, but I was sold on the vegan Girl Scout thin mint flavor. I doubt I'll buy their other flavors to try them after this experience. Start with one bag, see how it goes, and then buy more if you like them!



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