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Nutiva organic hazelnut spread review


I recently found the Nutiva organic hazelnut spread for my daughter. It's ... the vegan Nutella! Really, it's like the vegan version of Nutella. I was excited to find it for her online and ordered it.

Nutiva comes in a small container. It's a nice, creamy, and delicious hazelnut spread that we really like. It's organic and it's certified vegan, fair trade, and it's non-GMO.  They even use fair trade certified palm oil. You can't beat that!  You can use it as a spread, in smoothies, as a dip, or just try a little spoon of it! We bought the classic version, but it also comes in a dark variety.

Nutiva comes in classic and dark, here's the ingredients for both: 

Classic – Cane sugar*, cocoa*, palm oil*†, flaxseed flour*, inulin*, hazelnut*, palm olein*†, palm stearin*†, refined coconut oil*, chia seed oil*, sunflower lecithin*, natural flavors.*

Dark – cane sugar*, cocoa*, palm oil*†, flaxseed flour*, hazelnut*, inulin*, carob flour*, palm olein*†, refined coconut oil*, chia seed oil*, palm stearin*†, sunflower lecithin*, natural flavors .*

*certified organic †fair trade certified

If you are looking for a vegan Nutella option, try this one out. You will love it and never look back! Two thumbs up for Nutiva organic hazelnut spread!


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