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Review: Enlightened Eating by Cassandra Ohlsen, MD


I recently received the book titled "Enlightened Eating: the eightfold path to health," written by Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen. I was intrigued by the title and what it was about, which is plant based eating, and decided to read it over the last couple of days. 

The book focuses on plant based eating, going over the many benefits to eating a whole food vegan diet. The author discussed all aspects, including having compassion for animals, health benefits, and environmental aspects. She made for a compelling argument for adopting a plant based diet, which is what she has been following for over eight years. I liked how she included information on Buddhist psychology and principles, telling the reader how to use them in your life to follow a plant based diet. I also enjoyed reading her story of how she was once obese, had bariatric surgery to lose weight, and then came around to healthy veganism. She also shared some stories of other people's journeys of being on a vegan diet, which I found interesting.

The book finishes up with a few recipes (that I want to try), and some additional health-related support to back up the benefits of a plant based diet. I really liked the book and I think it can be helpful to those who want to adopt a healthy vegan diet, but may not know how to approach it with the right mindset. The author also discusses meditation, which is something I also do daily, and I think that information is also helpful to the reader. Many of the Buddhist teachers she mentioned are people I'm familiar with and have read books by them, so that was a nice connection for me. The book aims to help make people enlightened eaters, which is a great thing.

Two thumbs up for "Enlightened Eating: the eightfold path to health." This book is a quick read and is well worth checking out!


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