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BurgerFi Vegan and Vegetarian Items


BurgerFi is a burger chain that now offers two types of veggie burgers. Here's what you need to know about ordering vegetarian and vegan at BurgerFi:

  • Vegefi Burger - This is a veggie burger that is made from quinoa and lentils. The Vegefi veggie burger is vegetarian, but not vegan. It contains dairy milk and eggs. This is typically served on a potato bun, which is also not vegan. The potato bun is vegetarian. This veggie burger does also contain gluten, just in case you wondered.
  • Beyond Burger - They offer the beyond burger and you can get it served up either vegetarian or vegan style. If you order it as it is on the menu it is served vegetarian. The standard order of the Beyond Burger comes with the Beyond Burger patty (which is vegan), but is served on a non-vegan bun, along with dairy cheese, and non-vegan mayo. 
  • Vegan Beyond Burger - If you want a vegan veggie burger option at BurgerFi you need to order the Beyond Burger and tell the you want it vegan. Doing this will ensure they put it on a wheat bun (which is vegan) and they omit the non-dairy cheese and mayo. It's simple to walk in and tell them you want the Beyond Burger made vegan.
  • Fries - The fries at BurgerFi are vegan.
  • Onion Rings - The onion rings at BurgerFi are vegetarian. They contain dairy milk.

I've tried both burgers at BurgerFi and they are good. I'm glad that they offer two veggie burger options, including a vegan one. You can find a BurgerFi near you by visiting their site here.

Vegan Beyond Burger front left, the other three the regular Beyond Burger (vegetarian).




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