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Today's produce haul from Aldi


As a vegetarian (primarily vegan) family, we eat a lot of fruits and veggies, as should be. Today I went to Aldi and below is my typical produce haul there. Aldi has a good produce department. You will find plenty to choose from, good prices, and even some organics that are more affordable. Here's the produce I got from Aldi today:

pineapple $1.69
spinach $1.19
organic apples $5.49
organic pears $2.89
2 bunches organic bananas $2.48
potatoes $2.99
sweet potatoes $1.99
acorn squash $2.46
butternut squash $2.60
peaches $2.78
strawberries $2.19
grape tomatoes $.99
white mushrooms $1.69
zucchini (3) $1.99
yellow squash (3) $1.99
cabbage $1.49

Total spent on all that produce: $36.90

If you have an Aldi around you and you are a vegan or vegetarian or you just want to eat healthier, you should check it out. It's a great place to save some money on buying lots of produce. You will also find lots of other vegetarian and vegan products in their store as well. Two thumbs up for vegan and produce shopping at Aldi!


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