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Yesterday I attended a blogger conference in Winter Park, Florida with two fellow blogger friends (the ladies who run the All Natural Savings and Volusia Volleyball blogs). Following the conference we decided to stop off and have some dinner on the way home. We stopped at The Cheesecake Factory, which is a nice place to dine that we don't get to go to often because the closest one is an hour from our house. When I lived in Las Vegas I dined there regularly and my favorite dish was an eggplant sandwich they had. I was disappointed to see that they no longer have it on their menu. However, they do have numerous other vegetarian and vegan options, including a vegan Cobb salad, kale and quinoa salad, a veggie burger, Evelyn's favorite pasta (my husband's favorite dish there), and a few others. I decided to order the Impossible Burger that they have on the menu.

I didn't realize it when I placed the order, but the Impossible Burger is served up on a bun with their "special sauce," which I'm assuming is not vegan. It comes with a side of fries. I am not a big eater and when waiting for the food I ate some of the bread at the table, which is always good, so when the dish arrived I took one look and knew I wouldn't eat it all. I cut it in half and planned to take half of it home to my husband. This was my second time having the Impossible Burger in a restaurant. It was good, but honestly it's a bit too meat-like to me. I took half of the burger and fries home. My husband and son devoured it as soon as I walked in. They loved it!

I'm glad to see that The Cheesecake Factory is offering the Impossible Burger now! 

Blogging buddies: Liz from Volusia Volleyball, Bethany from All Natural Savings, and Jacqueline from VegBlogger


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