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Aldi's has a line of vegetarian and vegan products under the product line called Earth Grown. I've tried numerous Earth Grown products so far, including the vegan hot dogs, chick patties, and vegan cream cheese, and so far I have liked them all. Tonight we tried Aldi's Earth Grown vegan meatballs. Their meatless meatballs come in a bag with quite a few meatless meatballs in it. They are smaller in size and a serving is considered to be six vegan meatballs.

I made spaghetti and heated the vegan meatballs up to toss into the final dish. I usually buy gardein vegan meatballs, simply because it's the only ones I can find where I live. But since a new Aldi's opened near our home we have more options now. I really liked Aldi's vegan meatballs! They are soft, not spicy, and have a good flavor. My kids both really liked them a lot. They actually liked them a lot better than the gardein vegan meatballs, because they don't care for how spicy the gardein ones. These ones are not spicy at all, which was nice.

The Aldi's vegan meatballs are really good and I will be buying them again. Not only will I use them for serving up with spaghetti, but I think they will be great for making a vegan meatball sub, as well as having marinated meatballs for served at a party. There are plenty of ways you can use vegan meatballs, and these by Earth Grown are a good choice.

Two thumbs up for Aldi's Earth Grown vegan meatballs!


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