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Trying the Impossible Burger at Eden Fresh Cafe


This week someone informed me that Eden Fresh Cafe, located at 142 N. Nova in Ormond Beach, is now offering the Impossible Burger. I hadn't tried the Impossible Burger, so I was intrigued. Today, my family went there to check it out. 

This was the first time we had been to Eden Fresh Cafe. It's a nice little cafe located in a small strip center just north of Granada on Nova. We ordered the vegan Impossible Burger, which they serve on a vegan pretzel bun. It's served with baked fries and a small side salad. You get your choice of what type of salad you want. My husband chose the kale salad, while the rest of us went with the arugula (minus feta). They even have your choice of vegan cheeses to put on your Impossible Burger.

The food was served and it looked great. We all loved the Impossible Burger! It's a really good tasting burger. We all liked it a lot better than the Beyond Burger, too. My son doesn't usually like veggie burgers all that much, but he loved the Impossible Burger (he's been vegetarian his whole life, by the way). We were surprised how good the pretzel bun was, too. It was a good bun. The salad was excellent! Loved the salad. It was very fresh and had great ingredients. The curly fries are baked and they were tasty as well. I forgot to get a picture of them because they came out later than the burgers and salads.  The whole meal was good. We would surely go back and we will certainly have the Impossible Burger again. Two thumbs up for this vegan meal at Eden Fresh Cafe and for the Impossible Burger! I'm really glad this cafe is going to have them on their menu from now on. 

My only one complaint about Eden Fresh Cafe is all the waste. We dined in, but the whole meal was served in disposable items. They had compostable paper cups for the water, which was great, but everything else was plastic and garbage waste. I brought home my little plastic condiment cups for recycling, but I'm sure most people trash them. I'd love to see them opt for more biodegradable serving items or for washable ones.

- Jacqueline



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