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Annie's vegan organic mac and cheese


Annie's organic vegan mac and cheese is the only vegan boxed mac and cheese that we actually like. I've tried every one of them that I've come across and quite frankly, most leave a lot to be desired. But the Annie's organic vegan mac and cheese is good. The kids both like it, as do we parents. I love making the longer home cooked version of my famous vegan mac and cheese, but there are times when I need the quicker version, like for school lunches.

Finding this boxed vegan mac and cheese has been no easy task. They have it some Whole Foods Markets, but the closest one to me is an hour away. So I decided to check out ordering it online! You can get good prices on it by ordering it from and from Amazon. Check both places to get the best current pricing. To qualify for the free shipping, I also ordered the vegan seitan that I love, so I got deals all the way around!

If you are looking for a good boxed vegan mac and cheese be sure to try Annie's vegan mac. It's good... and if you can order online and get good prices on it! Buy it in bulk, so you have it on hand when you need it. It's great for school lunches, or if you want a quick weekend lunch. I like to add sauteed onion, green pepper, and a little veggie ground burger to it for a heartier meal. Delicious!


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