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Vegan ice cream!

I am loving how there are so many vegan ice cream options today. It's fantastic, and boy has it come a really long way in the last couple of decades! My husband went to the store yesterday and he came back with a surprise for me. He bought us these Haagen-Dazs non-dairy coconut caramel dark chocolate bars to try. What a surprise and treat!

They taste really good! The chocolate is a bit rich on them, but overall we all really liked them. The downside? They come in a box of three. Three?! Why it would be a box of three is odd and it made the kids have to share one, which they were not happy about. They are pricey, so he wasn't going to buy two boxes of them. I would prefer they come in a box of four.

Because they are pricey and only come in a box of three, they are not something I'd buy much of. But it was a nice treat and I'm glad that it's one more vegan ice cream option out there!


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