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Are Dorito Taco shells from Taco Bell vegetarian? Do they use animal or microbial rennet?


Many cheeses in the US are vegetarian, as they use a microbial rennet source. Still, there are places that use animal-derived rennet sources. Products made with animal-derived rennet sources are not vegetarian. Rennet that comes from an animal is from the stomach lining of a slaughtered cow, sheep, or goat. Some places also use rennet derived from slaughtered pigs. So to answer the question that many people have:

Are the Dorito taco shells from Taco Bell vegetarian? Do they use animal or microbial sources of rennet?

I contacted the company directly to ask them if their Dorito Taco shells are vegetarian/what the origin of the enzymes are. They contain flavors that have cheese, so this will help people to know if the cheese uses an animal or microbial source of rennet. Here's the response I got back from them today:

"Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for contacting Taco Bell.

The rennet from the Doritos Locos Tacos shells is microbial derived. 


Customer Experience Specialist
Taco Bell Corp."

There you have it! The Dorito Taco shells at Taco Bell are vegetarian. Of course you will need to substitute the meat for beans so that the whole taco is vegetarian. Their taco cheese is also vegetarian. 



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