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Silk vegan yogurt review - dark chocolate coconut


This week while grocery shopping I decided to give this vegan yogurt by Silk a try. Why? Well, truth be told I was lured to try it because there was an Ibotta rebate for it, offering me $.75 off when I bought two  of them. Secondly, because dark chocolate coconut sounded darn good. Today, I gave it a try with my lunch. Wow! I honestly felt like was eating a vegan chocolate mousse dessert. It was so good! Whether you want to make these part of your lunch or make it a dessert you can't go wrong. They are really good! There are so many different kinds of vegan yogurt available in stores today, it's great. My kids have fallen in love with a key lime one I recently found for them. They wanted this one I had, too, but I held them off so that I could try it. I'll get them one next time!


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