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PF Chang's axes their Coconut Curry Tofu @pfchangs


For at least 16 year now we have went to PF Chang's and had our two favorite dishes that we order every time. They are the spicy eggplant and the coconut curry tofu. We love both of those dishes and my husband and I order them both and share them. It's our standard order, we don't even need to look at the menu. Until this last visit...

I was bummed out to find that PF Chang's removed the coconut curry tofu from their menu. Gasp! I couldn't believe it. Our beloved dish was completely gone. They have replaced it with a dish called Thai harvest curry. We decided to order that dish, along with our standard spicy eggplant, to give it a try. 

The dish was disappointing. While it tasted "okay," it wasn't anywhere close to being as good as the coconut curry tofu. 

I'm afraid that PF Chang's have lost these long time customers. They no longer offer two dishes that will keep us wanting to go back time and again. I tried writing the company to express my concerns and ask that they bring it back, but they didn't even reply to my message. 

PF Chang's still offers good tofu lettuce wraps, spicy eggplant, and a couple of other dishes. But unfortunately, they got rid of the best vegan dish they had. Why such a decision would ever be made leaves me wondering...


Update months later... we found dishes that we like! Read about it here.


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