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My first veg fest event in 1996


Today there seems to be veg fests held just about everywhere, and I think it's fantastic. It makes me think of the first event that of that kind that I attended. It was the 1996 Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. I had been vegetarian for a year when I attended it. I was in heaven! Back then it wasn't so easy to find loads of vegan food options like there are today. But at that festival we were in our glory. Vegan food galore! We got to try many different things and loved every minute of it. Also, we heard Howard Lyman speak there, which was inspiring. The book pictured above is one that I bought at that festival. I still keep it as a souvenir. My husband and I also still have the t-shirts we bought from that event. It's nostalgic and piece of our vegetarian history!

What was your first veg fest type of event that you attended?


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