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Loving my vegan Mother's Day gifts!


Yesterday was Mother's Day. My husband surprised me with a great gift pack that I love. Did I mention that I love it? I do!

I am not the type of mom who wants flowers. Why? Because in order to give someone those beautiful flowers you, well, you kill them. No thanks. I say let the flowers live! I don't want someone to kill the beautiful flowers to give to me. But I do love chocolate and boy did he surprise me with my favorites!

My vegan gift pack includes my favorite chocolates and a new electra bike bell that has a picture of tree rings on it (my other one broke when the wind knocked by bike over). I love it all! They are my favorite vegan chocolates, which include:

He bought me a case (12 bars) of all three kinds, and two bags of the peanut butter cups. Score! I have a hiding spot in my office where I keep this stuff. Every afternoon I like to have one small piece of dark chocolate. This will last me months. I'm so excited. One of my favorite Mother's Day gifts ever!



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