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HOPE Movie review - What you eat matters - vegan documentary


I've seen many vegan movies and vegan documentaries over the years. This week I watched another that is available to watch free online. It's called HOPE: What you eat matters. This is a good movie that has some familiar faces in it, including Dr. Melanie Joy, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and one of my idols, Dr. Jane Goodall. This vegan documentary shows the benefits of a vegan diet including health, environmental, and compassion. 

This movie is well worth watching and sharing with others. It has a great message, features great people, and was well done. My only complaint is that some subtitles at the bottom were not easy to read because two languages were lapping over each other. When that happened I couldn't see what was being said. Two thumbs up for a good movie though! 

You can learn more about HOPE the project here.  You can watch HOPE the movie free right here: 



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