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Are cheetos vegetarian?

Are Cheez-its vegetarian? Does Cheez-Its use vegetarian rennet?


Many cheeses in the US are vegetarian, as they use a microbial rennet source. Still, there are places that use animal-derived rennet sources. Products made with animal-derived rennet sources are not vegetarian. Rennet that comes from an animal is from the stomach lining of a slaughtered cow, sheep, or goat. Some places also use rennet derived from slaughtered pigs. So to answer the question that many people have:

Are Cheez-its vegetarian? Do they use animal or microbial sources of rennet?

When asked that question on their Facebook page, here's what their exact reply (pictured below) was:

"This is a great question! The rennet in all of our Cheez-Its comes from a microbial source, not an animal one. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for being a fan of Cheez-It! -Kyle"

Yes, because they use a microbial source of rennet Cheez-Its are vegetarian. They are not vegan, because they contain animal derived ingredients.

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