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Vegan makeup by Gabriel Cosmetics - cruelty free makeup - recycling program, too!

Looking for great vegan makeup? Check out what's offered by Gabriel Cosmetics. While the only makeup I wear is lipstick, I've been wearing their lipstick for over a decade now and love it. They have a full line of makeup products to choose from, including foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and much more. Their products are all vegan, cruelty free, and they strive to be environmentally friendly. In fact, the company offers a recycling program where you turn in five of their empty makeup containers and get a free lipstick. That's a great deal and incentive!

If you wear makeup, even if it's just lipstick, you want to make sure it's vegan and cruelty free. Makeup that is not vegan and cruelty free often contains animal origin ingredients, such as lanolin, squalene, ambergris, cochineal dye, tallow, and gelatin, among other disgusting and cruel ingredients. Vegan makeup is the only way to go, whether you wear five different products are just one. Vegan cruelty free makeup is better for the animals and helps you live in line with your values of being against animal cruelty. 


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