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Gardein skillet meals review


This week while at the grocery store I just so happen to see a new product - Gardein skillet meals! They looked intriguing and so I picked one up to make one night for dinner. Tonight we tried the Gardein skillet meal that is called "chick'n florentino." They do offer three other varieties as well. At the store I shop at they were not in the freezer section near the other Gardein products. They were located by the skillet/prepared meals in the freeze section. The skillet meals are $6.99 per bag, and a bag has two servings in it. We have four people in our family, so we had to buy two bags to use for one meal. 

The Gardein skillet meals are easy to prepare, which is the draw for using them. If you have an evening that you need a quick meal they are a good option to consider. Within about 15 minutes the dish was ready. On this particular skillet meal the sauce is a bit spicy. You can see quite a bit of red pepper flakes in it and it did make it spicy. I still liked it overall, but it was a bit too spicy for my tastes. The kids felt the same way, but my husband really liked it. He's a fan of spicy food, so he liked the little spice that was in it. 

Everything in the skillet meal cooks up nicely. It's a nice combination that is in the dish. If you have big eaters you would need several bags, so it may be better to just purchase the ingredients and prepare the dish from scratch. I will probably do that in the future as well, just because I won't make it so spicy. I do plan to try the other three varieties. While I probably won't make this for a dinner regularly, I do think it would make for a quick lunch for my husband and I (and then we'd only need one bag). We both work from home, so within 15 minutes we'd have a tasty meal ready for us. 



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