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Why I freeze all my tofu, and how!


I learned many years ago that I prefer my tofu to have been frozen before I eat it. Why? Because it changes the consistency. It gives it a chewier texture that I like better. Here's what I do with all of my tofu...

For general tofu recipes I purchase extra firm tofu that comes in the plastic tubs.  This type of tofu is great for tofu salad, tofu scramble, tofu steaks, stuffed shells, etc. When I get home from the store they go immediately into the freezer as is. I leave them in there for a couple of days, and then pull them out and put them in the refrigerator so I have one ready when I need it. We always have tofu in the house that is ready to go for any recipe. 

When I'm ready to use the tofu, I cut a slit down both sides of the container (so that it remains intact down the center). I hold it over the sink upside down and squeeze it really hard for about one minute. This lets the water drain out of the container. I then twist it slightly. If you are making a recipe where it is going to be broken up you can twist it a lot to get the water out. If you are making something where you need it in squares then only twist slightly so you don't smash it all up. 

That's it! It's that simple. I don't use a press, I don't use a bunch of paper towels or any kind of towels, I just freeze, thaw, and give it a squeeze. It works for everything I make with it. This has become second nature in my home. All tofu is frozen before we use it. And we don't have any fancy ways of getting the water out when we are ready to use it. We simply squeeze it to drain over the sink. No towels, devices, etc. My method has worked just great for a couple of decades now. Give it a try and see what you think of the consistency of the tofu once you have use it and has been frozen first! 

UPDATE: I first wrote this post in February 2018. Now, in July 2021, I wrote a new post about a tofu you don't need to press or freeze first, it's super firm and water drained. As long as I can find it that's the one I'll be buying. Read about it here.


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