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Vegan Girl Scout cookies!


I love every year when it's Girl Scout cookie time! I also love that the Girl Scouts offer so many vegan options. I grew up a Girl Scout selling the cookies to pay to go to camp (which I loved), and today I purchase cookies every year when they are being sold. 

There are numerous vegan Girl Scout cookies, depending on the bakery they are being made at. Which bakery yours comes from depends on where in the country you are located. I'm in Florida, and  you will see in the image below the many vegan Girl Scout cookies options that we have this year. The picture above are the ones I bought. My favorites are the thin mints and s'mores. I bought the lemonade ones to mail to my sister as a surprise, because she said they were her favorites and are no longer available where she lives.

Check out the vegan Girl Scout cookie options in your area. You may just be surprised at how many there are, and how tasty they are, too!



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