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The U.S. is a nation where people love animals to death


Look around any American city and it is clear to see that we are a nation of animal lovers. There are doggie day spas, veterinarian clinics, pet stores filled gadgets, toys, and things to purchase for our beloved pets, and more. Our children's sections are filled with stuffed animal toys, books based on animal characters, and movies that help us love and laugh with animals. One mention of animal cruelty and there are millions who will hold their hands up and say they too are against animal cruelty. The vast majority of people in the country find animal cruelty disgusting and will cry out for tougher laws against offenders.

Yet the vast majority of people, through the process of cognitive dissonance, will sit down once or twice per day and consume animals. With each bite they will be contributing to animal abuse and cruelty.

The meat industry in America is something that is well hidden and for good reason. If people saw what goes on behind the closed doors of those slaughterhouses there would be far more people ditching the meat! Gone are the days of Old McDonald's Farm, where animals roamed the open plains, soaking up the sun, until the day they were slaughtered. Today, most animals raised to be eaten live their lives in factory farms with sad and horrible conditions.

Ever wonder just how many animals per year are being killed for food in America? You can get this information at any time by visiting Animal Clock. Based on accurate data that has been collected regarding how many animals are being killed and what types, the clock will give you an eye opening look at what is going on in the world of factory farming. The clock breaks down the number of animals killed so far this year, as well as how many of each type of animals. This is brilliant, because breaking it down to how many cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc., helps people to make more of a connection. 

Yes, we are a nation of animal lovers. But we have lost our way because of an industry hell bent on helping to keep people lost and in the dark. Most people make no connection to the piece of "meat" on their plate to the cruelty that is stored in every bite of it. Only when the veil is pulled back and people can see more and more of what is going on can they make an informed decision to either live in harmony with their values of being against animal cruelty, or to ignore them and merely satisfy their appetite.We live in a country today where there are wonderful vegan food options everywhere! There's simply no reason to continue contributing to the cruel factory farm and meat industry.

Get to know the numbers of how many animals have been killed this year for people to eat and share the info online. The more we get it in front of people the more they will know what is going on and can take steps to reduce their contribution to animal cruelty! We need to help people make a change so they are loving animals to life, rather than loving them to death.

Peace begins on our plate. Choose peace. 


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