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Saving money on vegan groceries is easier with Ibotta!


For a while now I have been using the Ibotta app to save money on buying vegan groceries. To date, I have gotten over $500 put into my bank account from using the Ibotta app. I usually try to get my rebates up to the $50 mark, then I do a transfer. Gone are the days of a long process to get rebates on groceries. Ibotta makes it easier to save money on vegan groceries!

Here is how easy it is to save money on vegan groceries by using the Ibotta app:

  1. You simply download the free Ibotta app to your phone. They will even give you $10 to try it out!
  2. Scroll through the store you will be going to in order to see which rebates are available (they change every week).
  3. Purchase the items/brands that will give you a rebate.
  4. Scan the product and take a picture of the receipt to upload it to the app. If you are shopping at Walmart you simply scan the code at the bottom of the receipt. 

It's that simple! It takes a minute and you will get money back on all of your vegan grocery purchases. You can save money on produce, beans, pastas, pasta sauce, cereal, cereal bars, vegan yogurt, beer, frozen foods, and much more. Check it out and start saving on your vegan grocery bill! I love using the Ibotta app. It is a simple way to save money!


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