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This week I saw someone promoting mink eyelashes. It made me wonder how many women know about the cruelty involved with mink eyelashes. As it turns out, I think most people are not aware. They assume that it is something high quality that helps them with their quest for beauty, but they they are not aware of what it takes to get mink false eyelashes to them. Fair enough. That's why I'm posting the info here, to help spread the information.

Mink false eyelashes are made from the fur from the mink animal. Yes, mink is an animal. In order to use its fur it is kept in cages, then gassed when they want it dead. Mink eyelashes involve animal cruelty. If you are looking for mink false eyelashes, please consider choosing eyelashes that are cruelty free, such as those made from these companies. Also, please check out the video below to learn more about how the mink are treated to create false eyelashes (as well as fur coats). 

Compassion is far more beautiful than any false eyelashes. Most people are against animal cruelty. Opting for cruelty free false eyelashes lets you strive for your beauty goal without compromising your values when it comes to contributing to cruelty to animals. 

Read more information on this here and here.


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