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My husband and I have been eating at PF Chang's for around 20 years now. We have eaten at different locations around the country including in Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, the Metro Detroit area, and today we stopped into the new one that has opened in Daytona Beach. We love PF Chang's!

PF Chang's always has a nice atmosphere, good service, and they have a great menu. They offer numerous vegan options, including:

  • coconut curry vegetables (with tofu)  No longer available, read this.
  • stir fry eggplant
  • tofu lettuce wraps
  • spring rolls
  • harvest curry
  • ma po tofu
  • Buddha's feast
  • vegan vegetable fried rice

My favorite dishes are the coconut curry vegetables with tofu, the stir fry eggplant, and the tofu lettuce wraps. You can order dishes and share them family style. They are all great! My kids love PF Chang'st, too. They have good food and good iced tea. A winning combination! PF Chang's has locations around the country and we know we can always get a great vegan meal there! When the kids were toddlers we used to order a kid's Buddha's feast and add tofu to it. One dish with some rice was enough for them to share. Today, they are older and eat more, so we usually order three different dishes and share them all family style. Yum!



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