Tofurky ham roast review - another vegan Thanksgiving in the books!
Easy vegan pumpkin pie recipe

Making a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner... our second one for this holiday season! Gardein Turk'y cutlets rock!


Over Thanksgiving, we were camping and we cooked a modified version of our traditional holiday meal in our travel trailer.  Due to their production issues, we couldn't find any Tofurky roasts in our area. This was the first time in about 18 yeas that we didn't have their roast for our holiday meal. For the meal in our trailer, we had the Toruky ham. At home tonight, I made another Thanksgiving-style dinner. I did this, because in the trailer I wasn't able to make my vegan pumpkin pie or my homemade cranberries and I didn't want the season to pas by without me making those.

Tonight's vegan Thanksgiving meal included gardein turk'y cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade cranberries, and cream corn. I also made homemade vegan pumpkin pie for dessert and got cocowhip to go with it. The meal was so darn good! I love the gardein turk'y cutlets and will buy them again for sure. The whole family loved the cutlets (as well as the rest of the food).

Having a vegan Thanksgiving meal is simple, delicious, and you never feel yo are compromising. This was my 22nd year of eating a holiday meal that reduced our contribution to animal cruelty. Looking forward to many more! There are so many great options available today to choose from, including these cutlets and various roasts. It's awesome!


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