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Nooch It - cheesy vegan topping review

This week, I received some Nooch It in the mail to try out. I immediately tried some out just in the palm of my hand to see how it tasted, and I liked it. Tonight, I used it as a vegan cheesy topping on the pasta dish I made for dinner. It was a great! Everyone in the family liked it. I was happy that my  husband liked it, because he doesn't like the smell of vegan parmesan, but there's no strong smell with this one. So he went back for more of it on his second helping of pasta.

While we have been buying nutritional yeast for years, there's something special about Nooch It. It is more like a vegan parmesan topping and it's made with a blend of organic cashews, nutritional yeast, and some other ingredients. I like that it's not straight nutritional yeast. It has a better taste to me being blended with the other ingredients. It comes in a nice bottle shaker that you can use to top some of your dishes, including on veggies, salad, pastas, soups, etc.

Two thumbs up for Nooch It! We like it and will surely keep it in the house. You can buy NOOCH IT! on Amazon if you can't find it at a store near you.



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