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One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get products to review. This week in the mail I got a box of vegan candy by Torie & Howard. I was intrigued! The candy is all vegan, organic, non GMO, and has no artificial dyes or any other yucky ingredients. I opened the box to find that there were bags of fruit chewies, tins of hard candy, and there was a little box filled with assorted hard candies.

Me and the kids couldn't wait to dig in and give it a try! My daughter also has a friend over who was eager to test them out. We started with the chewie fruities. They come individually wrapped in the bag and guess what... they are like vegan Starbursts! Only way better, because they have all good ingredients. Wow! They are really good. Soft, chewing, filled with flavor. We loved them! There are a couple of flavors of their candy line that have honey, but you can avoid those if you prefer to and opt for the flavors that don't have it.

Next up we tried the hard candy. Delicious! I love them. And the neat little tin the come in is great. They are individually wrapped inside the cute tin. The little box that is filled with assorted hard candy makes for a great gift for someone! I've been dropping a couple of chewie fruties in my kids' lunch bags each day and they love it.

There's no doubt you will be seeing these vegan candies and fruit chewies in your local stores. You can also purchase them online: Torie & Howard Organic Gluten Free Chewie Fruities Candy 4 Flavor Variety Bundle: Blood Orange & Honey, Meyer Lemon & Raspberry, Pomegranate & Nectarine and Asst. Flavors, 4 Oz, Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy 4 Flavor Variety Bundle, They are great! We all loved them and give them two thumbs way up. What a delicious treat!


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