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Tofurky distribution problems - supply shortages at the store


Update 2/28/18: 
For the two months or so Tofurky has now been available near me at Walmart and now Target (I have been told Publix won't be carrying them anymore and it wasn't their decision). They only sell one kind of deli slice, the smoked one. The problem? It's no longer the same as it used to be! We bought it for many years and we loved it. Well, the recipe has changed.  Now it tastes different and is overly salty. I contacted the company to inquire about the change and they deny that anything has changed. They said it must be a quality control issue. But four mouths in our house who have been eating it for many years say otherwise. It's not the same as it used to be. Package after package and it's apparent with every bite... it's not the same delicious tofurky deli slices it used to be. The recipe is different, it taste too salty, and it's not as good as it used to be. Furthermore, I recently read that the Torfurky deli slices were going to be in other countries now. What?! They can't even handle the supply/demand in the U.S. and they are going to expand internationally? That makes no sense.


Original post:
I typically buy Tofurky deli slices at my local Publix grocery store. Well, the shelf has been empty for over a month now. I tried inquiring with the store about why that may be, but they didn't seem to have an answer (this was with me asking three different people at two different locations). I was beginning to get worried. I love the Tofurky deli slices! So I contacted the Tofurky company today to see if they were having distribution or supply shortages. I had to know whether or not the local store were simply going to stop carrying it, or if there was a hold-up at the Tofurky plant. 

Tofurky was quick to reply to my inquiry. Here's the response that I got from Tofurky today regarding the supply shortage at the store:

Liana Davis (Tofurky)

Sep 28, 16:40 PDT

Hey Jacqueline, 
We are experiencing shortages with our refrigerated items. 
The current situation is a sort of ‘perfect storm’ of issues in our main production facility, including:
• Exceptional demand for our core product lines. We’ve had record order levels in the last few months which were
even beyond our growth projections.
• A significant production equipment failure earlier in the summer resulted in our falling behind on meeting
demand. That’s resolved now but we still needed to ‘catch up’ to demand
• Labor shortage. We are located in a major agricultural region and demand for labor is currently at a
peak while unemployment numbers are at record lows in our immediate area. Essentially we are
understaffed in production to meet the strong demand, and cannot find sufficient workforce at this
time of year because of the strong demand from local agriculture.
While we are working diligently to ‘staff up’, the strong labor market means we will be unable to meet production
demand fully in the near term, and we expect shortages to continue for about eight weeks. 
Everyone at The Tofurky Company apologizes for the shortages and we thank you for your support of us as we work to
bring production back up to speed. I assure you we are doing everything possible to correct this as soon as possible.
Take Care, 

Liana Davis
The Tofurky Company
1-541-386-7766 Ext.19


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