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A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post where I explained how the vegan police, who try to shame people and nitpick every little thing they do that doesn't meet their standards, does more harm for the veg movement than good. Why? When you shame someone they immediately go on defense and your veg message is lost. Completely lost. Perhaps for good. You absolutely watered the wrong seeds with that approach. 

I've also written about how we should celebrate all the positive changes people make toward removing animal products from their diet and life. The reducetarian method, veganomics, Meatless Monday, and more are all positives in my opinion. Personally, I think the best way to get people to reduce and eliminate animal foods from their diet is to introduce them to great tasting vegan foods. Help them see that vegan food is tasty, easy to find and prepare, healthy, and guess what, it also happens to reduce your carbon footprint and contribution to animal cruelty. In the outreach events that I've done over the years I give away free vegan food and I see people go from skeptical in trying it to saying it tastes great. That's when I say in a friendly way: "no cholesterol, no cruelty, no compromise." Then I give them a vegetarian starter kit or other such guide to provide them with more info for the road. They get it and they weren't made to feel ashamed or on defense.

Dr. Melanie Joy, who is a psychologist, writer, and vegan activist, has come out with a new book. I enjoyed her first book and I've seen her speak in person at a veg fest in Orlando. Last night I watched the video below that is based on her new book. I'm so grateful for what she has done here and I hope that it works to remove some of the infighting that goes on between vegans, vegetarians, and others. Her video is something every vegetarian and vegan should watch, as it gives great insight as to how to share your  message with others, and why putting them on defense is not a good thing to do. Two thumbs up for this video. I can't wait to read her new book! 



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