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"Voices in the Ocean" by Susan Casey book review - dolphin captivity and slaughter


Last week, I read the book called "Voices in the Ocean" by Susan Casey. I highly recommend the book to others! 

This book is an excellent read. The book is well researched and written. The only chapter I could have done without was the Joan Ocean new age stuff. Other than that, it was quite fascinating. Casey looks at dolphins through many lenses, including swimming with the in the wild, how they are used for entertainment purposes, and how they were revered in history.

I wish every person who attends marine parks (SeaWorld, Marineland, Aquariums, etc) would read this book. Clearly, those who support marine parks are either ignorant to the cruelty they are contributing to, or have a serious lack of compassion. While I did know about the information shared about SeaWorld and other marine parks, as well as the slaughter that takes place in the Cove, I did learn a lot as well, including about the testing the Navy does and what it does to marine life.

While I knew dolphins were intelligent and fascinating beings, I learned a lot more about them and other marine life from this book. Two thumbs up Voice in the Ocean! 

My only wish is that Casey also goes on to extend such compassion to other animals. In the book she mentioned eating chicken. Well, chickens deserve the same compassion that she'd like people to have for dolphins. The dolphin intelligence should not be a reason for extending compassion to them, because all animals deserve compassion. 

This book is well worth reading!


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