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This weekend, my family tried the new Kite Hill vegan cream cheese. We tried the chive flavored one. The cream cheese was great! It spreads well, has a great appearance, we really liked the taste of it. The kids loved it as well. Two thumbs up for the Kite Hill vegan cream cheese!

I'm blown away at the number of vegan products available today. Two decades ago these products didn't exist or were really hard to find. You had to shop at health food stores for these products, and the pickings were slim. Today, there are many options, they are being sold at mainstream grocery stores, and they tasted great. It's been a giant leap for veganism, and it's really exciting!

I'm looking forward to finding the Kite Hill yogurt in the stores as well. My kids want to try the squeeze tube vegan yogurt so they can take it in their lunchbox. I haven't seen it in stores yet, but I hear it's on the way!


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