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Ethos Vegan Kitchen, located in Orlando, is a restaurant I've blogged about a few times. My family loves that restaurant! We have been going there since they opened (which was over 10 years ago). It's a family favorite place and we have liked all the food there. Over 5 years ago they moved to a new location, which is where they are now. Although I loved the old location, too, I see the way they needed the space of the new location. 

I love when I go to Ethos Vegan Kitchen and look around at how busy it is. This happens all the time there now. The place is packed every time we go. I love it, because I see how there are so many people wanting vegan food. I see large parties celebrating a birthday, families and friends meeting up, people on dates, and more. It's fabulous to see so many people dining vegan. I'm also happy for the owners of this great restaurant, because they must be thrilled to see how well received their place is. 

My son, who is 11, made a video tour of Ethos Vegan Kitchen last night. We stopped there for dinner before going to the Orlando City Soccer game. It was a Saturday evening, and busy as usual, so please excuse the noise from all of the people. He's been eating there pretty much his entire life and loves it. His favorite dish is the mac and cheese and peas and the cream soda. Enjoy!




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